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Looking for great books that aren't prominently displayed in bookstores?

Today's commercial publishing model makes it difficult for many promising new authors to achieve the exposure they deserve. Here, we list some of the best works Lorraine has reviewed recently. Some of these books can be purchased from our store. Some are available as downloadable electronic publications. Free extracts may be provided for some titles to give you a ''taste'' of the author's style.

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Life's a Roller Coaster

*Sold out. Available in store soon as ebook

A delightful collection of 9 themed short stories by 7 authors. Written by Fairfield Writers Group. Published by Rainbow Works Pty Ltd.

The Fairfield Writers Group 2011 Anthology explores the ups and down of life: life vs. death; nature as destructive vs comforting; adversity vs. hope. It takes you from the streets of Yeronga after the Brisbane 2011 flood to police cells in Inala, to the beaches of Fiji, bomb-ravaged Berlin in wartime, and the back alleys of Glasgow. From the hardships of growing up in war-torn Germany to the grief of widowhood and the humourous exploits of a teenager in love for the first time, it's will make you laugh and it will make you cry.

In the words of Estelle Pinney, "It's a roller coaster of fact and story-telling fiction. A thoroughly enjoyable read."

* Includes my own "After the Flood" and "Generations".  
Just $19.95 (+$2.70 post anywhere in Australia) 


Changing Seasons

Buy from 
plus post

A third anthology by Fairfield Writers Group, featuring 13 short stories by eight FWG members on the theme ''the changing seasons of life''.   Published by Rainbow Works Pty Ltd. Includes four of my short stories.

Says Meg Vann, Chief Exec. Officer of Queensland Writers Centre:
"These lively and diverse stories showcase the talents of the Fairfield Writers Group. This, the group's third successful anthology, demonstrates the way voices of Queensland are unique to our region, yet speak to universal themes.''


The Naked Room
by Diana Hockley

*Purchase from Amazon/Kindle or direct from author

This superbly written, suspense-filled detective novel by Australian author, Diana Hockley, will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the last. Highly recommended.
Click here to download full review (PDF file).


Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World

by Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds

*Purchase from Amazon/Kindle 

This book was a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s another self-help book. I’ve read so many, and found most of them to contain just more of the same. But the novel and very relevant approach Charles Bentley & Marian Edmunds took in Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World genuinely impressed me.

A few of the quotations really struck a chord with me, and I related readily to Marian’s description of herself running everywhere. We do, don’t we?  And we also do “become confluent in the hope that mass acceptance will bolster (our) fragile sense of personal worth.”                 

Click here to download full review (PDF file)


Not a Man

by M.A.McRae


Outstanding for its originality and depth, M.A. McRae’s Not a Man is an amazing work that will transport you to a foreign world. It will let you experience a lifestyle and culture that is most likely vastly different from any with which you are familiar.  The story of Shuki, a boy from the slums who is castrated to spend his life as a bed-boy, it is confronting and heart-wrenching - and by no means light reading. But if you appreciate learning about different cultures, beliefs and perspectives on life, this book will deeply satisfy.  

Click here to download full review (PDF file)

More reviews coming soon.